MIZUNO Acrospeed 1 Focus


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Brand: Mizuno
Racket Stringing: Unstrung
Length: 67.5cm
Racket Material: High Modulus Graphite, VA polymer, graphite
String Tension: 22 lbs- 28 lbs

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MIZUNO Acrospeed 1 Focus

Model No. : 73JTB40109
Colour : Black / Red / Yellow
Weight: 4U
Grip: G6
Flex: Medium
Balance: HH⚪⚪⚫⚪⚪⚪HL [Slight Head Heavy]
Max Tension: 22 – 28lbs
Country of origin : Made in Japan


FOCUS is designed for players who prioritize powerful shots and quick shuttlecock impact, aiming for explosive plays on the court.

For control players who want a stiff response.

Extreme swing smoothness, new frame for full power delivery, faster hit back.


In swinging, pronation of the forearm leads the racket rotation in twist direction. This twisting movement is very important for transferring the swinging power to the shuttlecock. “TORQUE TECHNOLOGY” is an advanced technology engineered for maximum power transmission.


A unique groove design that increases the tenacity of the frame allowing the strings to sit firmly and eliminates slipping of the strings during play.


The face shape was fundamentally revised to provide a wider sweet area. Widen at the bottom of frame to expand the sweet area. Maximize the frame sweet area and really improve the power.


High repulsion is created by the flexure of the cross-section of the frame. This technology aims to revolutionize rackets by transmitting more energy to the shuttle at the moment of impact. Minimize the amount of energy consumed by the frame

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